"Dame Vida-sOccket Action" - Why would the best Spanish athletes in the world, along with Kun Aguero, Dani Alves, Gerard Muller, the Haitian women’s national team, Caroline Wozniaki, Phillip Lahm, and Vicente del Bosque team up for Spanish platinum selling artist Huecco’s latest music video? No, it’s not because Dani decided to throw one of his infamous house parties… Actually, Huecco and his Fundación Dame Vida have teamed up with sOccket, an amazing ball that after being kicked around for a few minutes can provide light for hours. Huecco designed the graphics for a limited edition ball, and he will dedicate all of the royalties from the sales of his upcoming album “Dame Vida” to distribute sOcckets to those in need. Can you say jefe? Help spread the word!

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